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Let your employees learn from the best and most experienced hospitality staffing company in the industry. Our training team has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality field and can train your staff to any hotel standard. We will come to your premises to teach them how to perform their jobs accurately and efficiently. Contact us for more details on how we can help your hotel.

Training Programs Provided

Housekeeping Training

Housekeeping room attendants are some of the most important staff that directly impacts your customers’ satisfaction. It is vital that housekeepers are trained to pay close attention to the smallest details. Nancy Group Hospitality will train your staff on how to clean the room efficiently to save on time and budget. Your staff will have the knowledge on the best and quickest way to clean rooms while managing their time. 

Additionally, we will cover and go through a broad spectrum of topics such as preparing the housekeeping trolley, organizing the housekeeping cart properly, paperwork, time management, cleaning responsibilities, cleaning products and equipment, hotel standards, work safety, and customer service with your team! Our team has extensive knowledge of each hotel’s brand standards and can teach employees the basics and fundamentals in any department. 


Clean laundry is an essential part of a great stay at any hotel. Nancy Group Hospitality can provide solid training, a clear structure, and professional advice on the best way to do laundry. Our trainers will teach your employees the standard laundry process from collection, sorting, colour coding, washing, cleaning, drying to folding, and return. Additionally, we will train your staff how to operate efficiently to save on time. Our experienced team can also visit your laundry area and help identify issues that might be overlooked.


Nancy Group Hospitality can provide training on housemen’s roles in the hotel. We train housemen to multitask efficiently while upholding your hotel’s brand standard. Our staff can teach them how to: clean up and set up rooms for separate functions, maintain professionalism/confidentiality, operate mechanical floor cleaners, coordinate and communicate with other internal departments, and provide assistance where needed.

Additionally, for new hotels, we provide full training programs for any housekeeping role so your hotel is ready to service with excellence. Contact Nancy Group Hospitality to see what we can do for your hotel.

Training program for Front Desk Agents

We know that first impressions are all it takes to determine your clients’ satisfaction with their stay. Therefore, it is crucial that the front desk agent is excellent in what they do to give the best possible impression. We train staff on how to greet guests and how to interact with them professionally. We go over customer/guest services and safety training. When it comes to enhancing the guests’ experience and improving the quality of service, contact Nancy Group Hospitality to train your staff where it matters.

Food and Beverage Server Training

Over the past 20 years, our team is more than familiar with all the roles and different structures of any restaurant. Our staff values and understands that guest satisfaction always comes first. We will cover topics such as table service, sales techniques, server etiquette and work safety. Additionally, our training team can help your staff to acquire the Smart Service Certification to further their professionalism. Whether your staff needs to be trained, contact Nancy Group Hospitality.

Benefits of working with us

Benefits of Working with us